Life update: Medical school and trip to Algeria

السلام عليكم

I’m back with a life update seeing as how it’s been a while since I’ve made a post.

I feel like I have a good reason for my absence seeing as how I decided to go to medical school! It’s always been my dream to become a doctor, but I’ve always second guessed myself. With the support of my husband and my family, I decided to go for it. I’m really excited.

Before I can begin this new journey into medical school, I have to complete a postbac so I can complete some science credits that I will need, and so I can get some more medical work experience in before I take the MCAT exam and apply to medical schools.

I’ve been researching the admissions process and reading a lot of advice and stories from med students and residents online, and of course studying. I’ve already learned so much just by asking questions and doing a lot of research.

I’ve also started a Facebook group for other pre-medical students. Check it out here if you are pre-med, or if you are interested in or thinking about studying medicine:

We welcome people from any point in the pre-med and medical school journey. Stop by and say hello!

In addition to my medical school endeavors, I am currently in Algeria spending the entire summer with my husband and his family. In addition, I’m doing an ethnographic study for my senior thesis in medical anthropology (my undergrad major) about Algerian home remedies and natural medicine. Algerians are really crafty when it comes to natural medicine, and I’ve learned so much from my lovely mother-in-law. I will share some health secrets soon!

I hope you all are well! Ramadan mubarak!

مع السلامة


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