Healthy Snack Guide: Oranges



Happy holidays to my Christian friends. I hope you enjoy some rest and time with your families.

Today I want to talk about ORANGES. My favorite!

Okay, so we all know that oranges, tangerines, and other sorts of citrus are all delicious, but what sort of nutritional value do they really have?

Oranges and tangerines have some important nutrients such as Vitamin C, B1, and A, and they also have a decent amount of fiber. There are also some notable health benefits. The vitamin C helps with your skin, and the fiber helps lower cholesterol, with digestive health, and it can even be good for your heart.

I just love to buy bags of tiny tangerines (“Halos,” anyone?) and throw a couple in my backpack or purse to take with me when I’m on the go. Most of them are seedless and don’t even require a knife to peel them. It’s a great way to give yourself some vitamins and a “pick-me-up” in the afternoon with some natural sugars.

So the next time you’re at the market, get some oranges for a healthy and a tasty snack!



مع السلامة


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